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Text this number,  then for the first time  set your card up. Then you can do a one time or recurring gift. You can choose a fund to support or it will go into the general account.  So for 1000 faithful men select that from the drop down box or click the button to the right that says 1000 Faithful Men and donate now.

All donations are tax deductible.

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With this program we are hoping to get more men involved with what is happening in our communities. Here at    Sav A Life we see men, as well as women. Some men need counseling for the effect that abortion has had on them,  and others are single dads who need help with the services that we provide. Yet, others are  married men who are working to provide for their families and need a little assistance from time to time.


We also talk with young men every day about the situation that they have found themselves in for an unplanned pregnancy. Statistics show that men are the voice that rings the loudest when a young girl is trying to make the choice between parenting, adoption or abortion. We want to equip these young men with the truth and share the love of Christ with them.  We know that men have been told that it is a woman's body and her choice. Legally that is true,  and no one can force anyone in to making a decision either way. However, we don't believe that men understand the important role they play in this situation or in the life of a child. We have found that most women will not abort if they feel they have support from the father. 


We are also educating our young men on the importance of abstinence.


For $10 a month, the cost of one lunch, you could help make an impact for others to see the truth about life and how God has a plan for them. Men are natural leaders, and if they know Christ they will guide their girlfriends or wives into making a choice to stand for life. As a man you can pray, make contributions and help us, help others.

Men for life, 

now and eternal

You can make a difference...

Please give today

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