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Community and Schools 

Finding Grace Program
Weekly classes and/or classes online that you can take any time. Clients can attend classes to accumulate points to earn items for their baby. All items are 
new such as pack-n-play, baby bed, highchair, car seat, and more. You will also get an education on baby care, scripture memorization, finance, and relationships. The classes are FREE to anyone who becomes an established client. We have classes for both men and women. Some Classes are on Zoom and times are on a set schedule. Other classes are on our website and can be taken at any time, they are prerecorded. You can find the link for prerecorded classes at the top of this page.

Love Never Fails

Abstinence education program to encourage teens to say no to sex until marriage and education of STIs.
Click here to view the brochure.

Decision, Choices, and Options

Facts about teen pregnancy: Options they have and how their decisions will affect their lives.


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