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Finding Grace Classes

Baby Care Workshop

This class is for ALL expecting mothers. It consists of class lessons and interactive activities that will teach you the basics of baby care, including a tour of the maternity floor. The baby’s father is encouraged to attend. This class is 9 weeks long and meets for 45 minutes each week. 

Bible Studies/40 Minute Study

This will be from different bible teachers and you can attend on zoom or you can choose from a link to preview a study on your own time.

40 Minute Study- This class is for people who are interested in learning more about what the Bible says but has limited time. This study is designed to be completed in just six 40 minute lessons with no homework and helps you discover what God says and how it applies to your life today.


Life’s Healing Choices

This class is for women only. John Baker is the founder of the “Celebrate Recovery” program. He took Rick Warren’s 8 biblical principles from a series of sermons called “The road to recovery”. These 8 lessons will help you recover from past and present hurts, habits, and hang-ups. It will teach you how to make the healing choices needed to become more Christlike in character. This class is 8 weeks long and meets once a week for an hour.


Surrounding the Secret

This class is for clients with past abortions. It offers help in regaining control of stray emotions, freedom from guilt, finding courage, renewal of mind, and experiencing God’s grace. It is characterized by its high level of confidentiality. This class is 8 weeks long and will meet each week for 90 minutes.

Spiritual and Physical Fitness

It is a 30-minute course on getting spiritually and Physically Fit. This class will be taken through Zoom.





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Class Calendar

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To register for a class, please call or come by the Sav-A-Life Pregnancy Center.

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